Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 12 - 5K - Next Week

I am on a business trip next week and doubt if I can squeeze in a couple of runs, given my reputation to run by myself. The following week is my race. I am pretty nervous about the it given, I am not going to be working out as much as I should be.

Shoe update - My stability seems to be weighing down my feet. I might just switch it back for a neutral shoes.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 11 - 5K - Stability Shoes

You cannot reason out every thing in life. It's tougher to do so with running. Unless you keep all the variables constant and play around with one attribute a time. My Thursday run did not go well and I have no clue if it was the weather that day or what I ate. Which sucks as I ate caramel popcorn. I could not make it to the cafeteria before lunch time, all that was left was snacks.

Also I got my new shoes. The person at the store did a shoe fitting. That means she watched the way I walked with a focus on how I land when I walk or run. My job was to take the shoes outside for a spin and give her appropriate feedback. She suggested neutral shoes with cushioning to protect my knees. After a few try outs I walked out of the store with a pair of Stability Shoes.

I met my running group on Thursday after our run at a local restaurant for a happy hour. I am not there yet where I can talk and run at the same time, it was a nice to exchange conversations and to get to know the other runners in a relaxed social setting

Sunday the weather was fabulous with temperatures around 70. My friend and I went on our mind-clearing 5 mile walk. I am looking at adding some regular yoga to improve posture and some weight training.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 10 - 5K - Power Of Stretching

As you know from my previous post, I walked for 2 miles last Sunday after my 1 mile run. I totally under estimated the workout and did not stretch. Well, it was just walking. That's what I thought until I woke up tight around my knees and if you saw somebody walking crazily around the Dallas TX area, it was probably me.

What came to my rescue was ice. The title should have been, "The Power of Ice".

We added rolling hills to our run today. Again, another 2 miles in 30 minutes run.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 9 - 5K - Social Walk

A long long time ago, when I first started Yoga, I taught my husband Surya Namaskar. His routine every morning is to run/walk a mile and some Surya Namaskars. He is slim and fit. I just cannot bring myslf to do all that by myself. That's just not me. Exercise is fun for me only when it's a social event. I do great in classes or group activities.

You probably know my routine now. I run 2 times a week with a group and once during the weekend by myself. I don't do justice to the weekend run which is supposed to be a long one. You guessed it right, it's done all by myself. I am trying to look for a workout buddy, one who can either run (preferably at my pace) or cross-train in the gym with me. I found one this weekend and we went on a 2 hour walk. Guess walking buddies are the easiest to find.

Workout Log - Sunday 10/30
Run - 1 mile
Walk - 4.5 miles in 2 hours.

Things To Keep In Mind While Working Out With A Buddy

  • Ensure your excuses and theirs' does not result in skipping too many workouts
  • A similar workout level and interest is preferable, especially with the running or gym workouts.
  • Walking is more accommodating when it comes to working out with buddies
  • Have more than one buddy. One for cross-training in the gym, one with whom you can talk your heart away or another one who loves water aerobics just like you do.

Go easy on the candies tomorrow. Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 8 - 5K - Running in the Rain

We all have our imaginations or notions of a defining moment. Mine was always me reaching for the finish line in a race; that I thought defines me as a runner. Instead, the moment was somewhere in the middle of a trail, me running with my eyes down avoiding the rain  in wet cotton socks freezing my feet. On the spur of a moment I looked up with a conscious effort to correct my posture. The tree line by the canal on a cloudy day with tiny droplets falling down;  I was proud of myself for not coming up with another excuse and the freezing feet did not bother me one bit.

I ran another 2 miles today. We ran early today as there was a guest speaker from Cooper Clinic to talk to us about restorative exercises.

Right after the run, I bought a three pack dri-stitch Brooks socks that keeps the feet dry from sweat/rain/water while running.

Points to Ponder
  • Never run in rain when accompanied by lightning
  • Always wear clothes including socks that effectively wicks moisture and keeps the skin dry
  • Cotton clothes or socks can get heavy and makes you cold as it absorbs water.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 7 - 5K - Running Form

The best thing about running with a group is that your coach can assess your running form and provide the required feedback. The right form can make sure your energy is spent on moving forward and not wasted else where. Hips and arms are where my focus is going to be this week when I run.

I ran 2 miles today and I can tell you I am in wrong shoes.

Notes to Self
  1. Get a good running shoes this week
  2. Try to add workouts outside of the running schedule
  3. Be good to knees. A pound lost is a pound off those knees. Remember portion size & healthier options.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 6 - 5K - Roller Coaster

Work hard, party harder was my motto this weekend. A few bites of desserts and 2 cups of wine got in the way of my Sunday work out. I spent most of the day lazing around that I am not quite proud of.

For some motivation, I called up my brother and was chatting with him. He is a huge fitness buff. He hiked Half dome in California this year and is planning to hike Machu Picchu next year. That did not help much on Sunday. Motivation needs to come from inside, isn't that right? I ran a mile Monday, which is still less than what is expected. Hopefully I catch up tomorrow.